The lawyer’s office Winter & Partner GbR sees itself as a provider of legal services which offers its clients reliability, competence, service and friendliness. These are not just buzzwords for us. It is our intention to help our clients through individual consultation to be legally, economically and personally successful in their plans, their business and with their companies. We want to contribute towards our clients’ profitability and we aim to retain our clients’ loyalty and the trust they have placed in us in the future.

We seek to achieve out-of-court settlements, insofar as this is possible and advantageous for our clients. Our consultations, especially in the area of contract law, lie at the forefront of our work and are tailor-made to client interests, taking into consideration the wishes, objectives and needs of our clients.

However, not all differences of opinion can be settled out of court. Therefore, conducting cases is also a main aspect of our legal work. We place great value on the thorough and expert preparation of the trial documents as well as on the legal classification, with a view to the latest jurisdiction and legal literature (we have an extensive library - which is also used by other lawyers - and a large database), and we pay great attention to tactical procedures at trial.

As well as Mr Winter’s specialisation in building regulations (e.g. as specialist lawyer for building and architectural law), his appearances as a speaker at lectures both in Germany and abroad, his work as an arbitrator/umpire at arbitral tribunals and Ms Winter’s focus on company law, Winter & Partner GbR also covers other areas of commercial law which are concerned with both people and companies that are active in the construction industry and in other areas. This includes the following areas in particular

  • Building and Architectural Law, Engineering Law
  • Law for General Terms and Conditions of Trade
  • Commercial Law and Commercial Agent Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Building Contracts Law
  • Brokerage Law
  • Labour and Employment Law, temporary employment, assignment of foreign employees
  • Law of Inheritance, Law of Company Succession
  • Landlord/Tenant Law
  • Company Law

Our notary publics can also officially record all activities relating to company law – from the founding of a company to a shareholders’ general meeting of a corporation - or to real estate matters – from real estate sales agreements to the most complicated forms of contracts (please find more information on this on our website under "Notary publics inform you").

Our client is always at the centre of all our activities. Client satisfaction is our goal.

Get to know us and the quality of the services we offer.